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My Passion is working with and photographing people. On an unofficial level I share any knowledge I have with individuals interested in my field of expertise whenever the opportunity arises. Fueling another individuals passion, adds to my own and therefore is very inspiring to me. Whether personal or professional my ultimate talent is my relationships and interpersonal interactions with other individuals. I am a people's person and thus like relating to people on different levels. I find growth in myself learning from other people and in so doing I enrich my life with as much social encounters as possible. Amongst others, one of my passions and enjoyments are photographing cars. I have been blessed to have travelled quite extensively, as far south as Antarctica and all the way north to Norway. Family is a very important factor in my life, as my first true inspiration was the man I respect the most, my father. I however, cannot deny that a I am in fact, a complete Mommy's boy. From life experience I have discovered that there is beauty within us all and something to learn from everyone. Although I have traveled to many countries, Cape Town still inspires me the most and is by far the most beautiful.


Additional Thoughts: • Best Advice: Be true to yourself no matter the consequences.

• Secret to Happiness: Love and allways trust completely.

• Sure of in life: Dawn allways breaks in the morning.


Quotes: “Life is not made up of the amount of breaths we take but the amount of moments that take our breath away”

“A Positive thought cannot be denied”

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